Since summer 1999 I'm playing in a Shadowrun group. Shadowrun is a roleplaying game that takes place in the future. This is also where the name Emerald Security was first used for a fictional Security Company that my character founded - a selection of handpicked specialists who could be hired as mercenaries.

The company name of Emerald Security carried on long after the Shadowrun campaign and is now used in a more general term - like for example as a Gameing Clan for tactical games of all sort. (Armed Assault, BF2, etc.)


Here's a brief description of the character I play:

Major events in chronological order:


Name: Maj. Corben 'Magic' Bryne

Profession: former Ares Officer, now Ares military consultant


Ares Officer's career, Military theory, Small/Large Unit Tactics, Electronical Warefare, Firearms, Heavy Weapons, Ballistics...


Dermal Armor 1, Cybereyes (IR, NV, FC, datalink, TADS, camera), Commlink 8 w/ Encryption, 50 MP Headware mem,  Reflexbooster 1

Favorite Equippment:

Personal: Steyr AUG
Ares Predator II

if supplied: AMR, OICW,
USP, M92 Barret, anything else


Having as much magic as  common street paving, Magic's callsign seems to be pure irony. But  insiders know, that callsign  'Magic'  was  used for 20th century AWACS commanders who were patrolling their airspace, issueing commands to allied pilots. This comes very close to the job Magic usually does in the days of 2050ties in Seattle.

Although Magic is a Street-Sam by the rule, his strength is not muscles, reflexes or his dermal armour. This 'mercenaries' most dangerous weapon is his knowledge.

His experience in Tactics make him a nearly perfect squad leader to get his men into good positions. Given a crew and a mission he will be able to use every crewmember to the best of his/her possibilities and get the best out ot the current situation.

His typical position during action is some way back from the frontline, where he has a good view on the spectacle or a good communications downlink to watch actions using his teammates' cameras.

This way every teammember profits from his 'situative awareness' of the overall situation and the resulting commands he gives.

The large variety of weapons he is able to use, make him not only a good commander, but also a dangerous allround soldier and sniper.

Datasheet: (as of 2001.02.23 1604Z)

Body 7, Speed 6, Strength 5
Charisma 4, Intelligence 7, Will 5
Essence 0.03, Magic 0

Karma 82, Karmapool 5

Major events:

August 2052: Desert Wars
Was contracted by Ares to relocate himself and his team to Africa, to provide Special Ops services to Ares during the desert wars.

September 2052: Emerald Security
Went back to Seattle and used his money to found his own security company. With 9 handpicked specialists from different fields of engagement he is hoping the best for his small company "Emerald Security"

January 2053: Opposing Force / Jack the Ripper
Emerald Security is developping fine. Exploited an Ares undercover recovery mission for public reputation when wiping a nest of ghouls. Emerald made it to the news -> Emerald Security is on expansion course.

Magic working 2 weeks as Opforce Commander for Ares to give street combat training to K.E. troops.

News are hit by a geek who thinks himself to be Jack the ripper. Unfortunately he choose to slay a secretary of an Ares official. Down the chain of command, Magic gets the job to get rid of the ripper.

Whit Lizzy, faking a single woman in very attractive clothing the team baits  the ripper and gets a grip on him right in the middle of a gang fight.

During action, Lizzy litterally disarms the guy with her 'Ares special isssue 17T Combatknife'.  The members of both gangs also do not enjoy the meeting as Magic's crew let all hell loose on them.

In the outturn, they discover that the reason for all the turmoil were three military-grade persona chips in their beta stages, which were stolen from the developing corporation and apparently used by unsuspecting persons (i.e. Shadowrunners).

The three persona programs contained:
Kleopatra, a female spy program
Dshingis Khan, a superior tactics program and
The Ripper, a male spy program

February 2053: Albatross Air
A major flight company planning an unfriendly takeover of Albatross Airlines hires the Runners to ruin Albatross' fame. The team is very effective with that by blowing up the fuel storey of the company. with their insiderknowledge about the upcoming takeover, they also manage to get a bargain on the stock market.
Bryne uses some of the money to order a new helicopter for his company.

Feburary/March 2053: Under Siege
A rich industrial's daughter is going to marry on board the luxusliner 'Titanic 2' (no pun intended). Johnston fears that his daughter is to be assasinated during the ceremony. Main suspects are not the guests (about 4500) but also the security company that was hired to provide protection.

Bryne and his crew joins the guests incognito to keep an eye on everything.

Onboard: Magic, Lizzy, Colt, Chrome, S. Greene, Sam wong, J. Mahanani, J. Dubois

One night in the second week a metallic bump wakes some of Magic's crew. The whole team gets on their feet just in time to notice that Titanic 2 is just being entered from numberous Terrorists using a submarine that just docked.

Just in time, the team neutralizes the terrorists who were scheduled to capture the bride and brings her to safety. Hiding the girl somewhere deep in the ship, the Emerald crew starts guerillia warfare and takes down one terrorist team after another. Sam Wong, the decker, crashes all ship systems and such negates terrorist control of the ship.

After several heavy firefights Emerals gain control of the ship and the remaining terrorists try to flee in their submarine. As a revenge, the terrorists try to sink Titanic 2, but fail as a fighter sent from nearby USS Nimiz sinks the craft.

Situation is almost back to normal except 120 dead terrorists lying around the ship and clearly visible signs of firefights.

The wedding ceremony is relocated to the Hawaii islands and takes place under the protection of Magic's team. Rumours ar egoing round that they might be a special or secret service team... Interviews are being held.

After their trip ends, they leave Titanic 2 in the harbour of Seattle being kind of 'famous' and having 163k  more on their accounts.

March 2053: Rosemont Beach
Since Bryne and his Emerald Security are now quite famous among Seattle's Upper Class, he decides to expand his company and open a new office somewhere in an AAA neighbourhood.

Emeralds schedule is packed with jobs and potential employees are flocking in. During the next 2 weeks Emerald's total employee count raises up to 68.

After examining some office buildings in Magnolia Bluff and Seattle Center, Corben gets a phantastic offer situated in Bellevue, Rosemont Beach:

A newly constructed skyscraper still hat the upper three floors for sale. After being scared by the high price, Bryne makes up his mind and buys them for 8,000,000 n.

As preparations are undergoing to turn the empty three floors of that skyscraper into Emeralds new HQ Bryne gets a special present from his seller: since he now owns the upper three floors of that 20-story building, he also owns the helipad situated on the top including a free advertisement painting on the top.

Bryne is now the proud owner of a tarific office and an appartement with a beautiful view of Seattle's Downtown area.

May 2053: From St. Petersburg with love
Corben gets a special mission which needs him to relocate his team and himself to St. Petersburg to recover a Stradivari. Since getting through customs with all the necessary equippment isn't that easy, he bribes the guards at Nellis wich in return do not notice him borrowing a C-5 to organize transportation to Russia.
On arrival Bryne has to pay about 0.75M for just refuelling the aircraft, but nevertheless the team prepares to get into the target building for the recovery mission.

Insertion is very smooth and silent. But as the team approaches the lower floors of the complex they realize that there must be something very important going on, regarding the high security standard.

Decker Sam Wong hits the  jackpot as the crew seizes a smaller control room. The cellar of the 'institute' turns out to be a top secret weapons research facility.

On their way to the room with the violin they snap up the opportunity to get some experimental laser and needler weapons.

As the team detonates some charges in the weapons store to cover the explosion in the violin's locker room, all hell breaks loose.

In the turmoil they capture the violin and manage to get back  to ground level - completely unnoticed by soldiers and security personell who are running areound headless due to explosion and fires. The team extracts and drives full-speed back to their C-5.

As they are just about to get the C-5 ready for takeoff a blinding flash lights the southern sky. Apparently a nuclear reactor which was hidden in the institute went critical.

They take off and get back to Nevada safely.

In the aftermath, Bryne exchanges the russian weapons and data from the institute  for a complete set of Ares laser and needler euipment.

June 2053: Baseball, Cats and Concerts
Corben gets himself a new biotech dermal armor while Sarah Green starts working on her habilitation on nanotechnology.

Lizzy encounters a pack of magical cat's in Seattle who lost their natural homes and offers them a home to stay.

Seattle Mariners are facing problems with a strange series of Bloopers and turn to Emerald Security.

Corben, Lizzy and the oldest cat 'silent walker' uncover a sabotage series by a former baseball player.

Lizzy turns out to be hero of the day as she has first contact with the saboteur and 'needles' him to the ground.

Later that week Corben accepts a simple looking bodyguard job at a concert with happens to be the target of a gang robbery.

Corben and Mark obliterate the completely surprised gang members within a couple of seconds using their new weapons for the first time.

Frank Albrecht, Ares Exec is very pleased about Corbens free advertisement for Ares Laser equipment in the press conference the next day.


to be continued...